Water Damage

Water damage/intrusion can be devastating, not only to the visible surface areas but many areas that cannot be seen (underneath floor coverings, inside cavities) and in areas that may appear to be fine (plasterboard, timber, brick, concrete). The presence of moisture in a building can have serious consequences, and what may seem like a minor incident can lead to a major problem in the future.

Magic Wand has technicians trained in Water Damage Restoration and Advanced Structural Drying giving Magic Wand unparalleled knowledge in the field, and in turn providing greater consumer confidence.

Magic Wand Restoration have specialised inspection meters that monitor moisture, temperature and humidity, all relevant factors in the drying process. We are also equipped with digital thermal imaging cameras which can pin point water intrusion and easily detect any moisture not visible to the naked eye. Our specialised drying equipment (air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers etc.) are portable and can dry even the most inaccessible areas and can be safely left on for extended periods of time.

At Magic Wand we provide a 24/7 service for emergency water damage.

Magic Wand is the preferred supplier for insurance companies.


Thermal imaging

It is often possible to detect moisture and water damage in a house by using an infrared camera. This is partly because the damaged area has a different heat conduction property and partly because it has a different thermal capacity to store heat than the surrounding material. This makes thermal imaging the least intrusive method for moisture detection.