Smells Like Pee’n’ Spirit: Urine Odours


Smells Like Pee’n’ Spirit: Urine Odours

Two little rascals guarding the door with a confidence, possibly misguided, they’re as imposing as Cerberus guarding the entrance to the underworld. Regardless of whether that confidence is warranted or not it is a belief that can soon be thwarted at the sight of a small cardboard box, the sound of crinkling plastic and the knowledge savoury treats are soon to follow.

People adore their pets but that adoration can be tested at times when they’re the culprits of a strong odour emanating from somewhere in the home which brings us to the topic of this blog “Urine Odours”. We often encounter clients whom have an odour problem as a result of their pets, or someone else’s, urinating on the carpets. But the two pictured would never be guilty of that! No, never.

If this is an occurrence at your property you’ll probably notice the odour more as the temperature rises as well as the humidity in the air.

Here’s the reason why: Urine is composed of organic and inorganic substances and when it begins to dry it changes in ph. It transforms as it dries out from being acidic [uric acid] to becoming alkaline [alkaline salt]. The alkaline salts attract moisture from the air, which in turn causes the urine odour to reactivate.

Urine deposits can penetrate through the carpet into the underlay and sub floor. Normal carpet cleaning cannot reach through to clean the underlay and sub floor and will not remove urine odours from carpet and can make the odour worse.

In most circumstances the problem can be treated and returned to normal.

Contact us at Magic Wand Restoration & Cleaning and we can have you on track to once again live in unity with your four-legged friends.

  • 1 Dec, 2014
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