Red, red wine


Red, red wine

Red, red wine, you make me feel so grand
I feel a million dollars when you’re just in my hand
But once you’re on the floor
I couldn’t hate you more

With the Christmas and New Year period upon us it is a time of celebration and with those celebrations can come the serving of alcohol and there’s one particular drink that can leave an everlasting imprint on our living space: red wine.

Accidents involving the spilling of drinks do happen quite often around this time of year and nobody wants to be left with a red wine stain on their carpet even if it did happen to bare a remarkable resemblance to Jesus of Nazareth (That itself would be one for the books to occur around Christmas).

Once red wine has been spilled on the carpet getting to the stain quickly is paramount to it being removed, and that’s where we’re here to help which is why we’ve provided this video to help show you how to remove it.

If at any time this occurs to yourself, family or friends follow the procedure in the video accordingly using only WoolSafe approved products, which can be found in the supermarket, moving from one step to the next once you have stopped getting colour transfer.

If the mark is still visible after your attempts to remove it, contact us and we will endeavour to improve your carpet to its previous state.

Enjoy yourselves over the coming weeks and if you happen to be relaxing at home or enjoying company whilst having a glass of red wine take heed from UB40 because it will make you feel grand for that red wine to stay in your hand.

  • 17 Dec, 2014
  • admin

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