Letters Of Gratitude


Letters Of Gratitude

When we complete a job we have clients thanking us for the work we’ve done and in the case of a flood or fire affected home will be told tongue-in-cheek that they hope they never see us again because more often than not we have been contacted to attend a site as something has gone horribly wrong.

A few days later we may receive an email with a thankyou from a client and sometimes that thankyou will be through correspondence with an Insurance company but occasionally we will receive in the mail or even hand delivered to us a handwritten note from a client letting us know how grateful they are of what we’ve done for them, especially in the case of a flooded or fire affected home.

For someone to take the time to handwrite a letter expressing their gratitude does mean a lot and in turn makes us appreciative they’ve decided to do this for us. It’s the best show of appreciation and thankyou someone in business can receive as the handwritten letter is a personal account and it makes us enjoy our job that much more.

The attached photo shows a collection of some of these letters of gratitude that we’ve received over the years.

  • 13 Feb, 2015
  • admin

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