Fire & Smoke Damage

Thousands of homes are affected by fire damage each year resulting in millions of dollars in insurance claims. Today many goods and materials can be successfully restored, usually on location, which in the past would have been thrown away and replaced. We empathize with the customer/s’ emotional state of identifying with and understanding their state of being after what can sometimes be a devastating experience.

For the environment to be properly restored it must be decontaminated not just redecorated. Fire & Smoke damage can be so devastating to not only the surface areas that are in sight, but so many surfaces that cannot be seen.

The team at Magic Wand ensure that any threat to health and safety posed by fire and smoke residues are eliminated in order that the premises and the environment are left clean and safe.

At Magic Wand we take pride in our work in assisting you getting your home and life back to normal as quickly as possible.