My house is flooded, what should I do? Who should I call?

You can call us, insurance company or broker.

You can contact Magic Wand direct then inform your insurance company or broker we have attended the site. We are the preferred contractor of insurance companies so there’ll be no hassle.

There can sometimes be a delay when contacting insurance companies before they notify their contractors, so contacting us direct can greatly speed up the mitigation process.

Don’t panic, we will get it under control.

Everything feels dry can I turn off the equipment?

Turning off or moving any equipment will prolong the drying process and increase the chance of secondary damage (i.e. mould/microbial growth, further water intrusion, building/contents being damaged beyond repair.) and in the case of any dehumidifiers, turning the machine off incorrectly will damage it.

Due to certain circumstances, such as severe weather, the people at Magic Wand, the entire industry even, can be inundated with catastrophes to attend so may not be able to give an exact time or date of our next attendance, even when a time has been pre-arranged these circumstances can affect such arrangements, but always strive to give at least 30minutes notice. During these times we thank you for your cooperation.

Will you be able to restore our damaged contents like new?

This will depend on many factors: age, material, settlement duration.

What is the process after everything has dried?

Once any carpet, flooring or structure is dry we organise for the carpet to be relayed (with new underlay if necessary) and clean floor coverings/furnishings in the affected area/s back to a pre-damage condition removing any mark/s that are a direct result of the water damage.

I’ve spilled something on my carpet, what should I use to get it off?

A cold damp white towel is sufficient for most spills on carpets. If there is a stain left after you’ve attempted to get it out contact us, you may even be covered under your insurance policy.

Can you get any mark out of the carpet?

That is dependant on what the client or anyone else before us has put on the mark and what method they’ve used to attempt removal.

Do you do private work? Or just for insurance companies?

Yes, we do both private and insurance work. We started out doing private work and we’re appreciative of those people that used us from the beginning to get us where we are today.