Carpet Cleaning

Magic Wand Cleaning & Restoration are consecutively award winning carpet cleaners from 2009-13.

Carpets are a very forgiving floor covering and can be significantly soiled long before any soiling is visibly apparent. Rule of thumb: If you wait till your carpets look dirty to have them cleaned, then you have waited too long.

At Magic Wand we specialise in Low Moisture Cleaning (LMC) carpet cleaning. LMC is a “Green” carpet cleaning system.

LMC carpet cleaning produces results as good as Hot Water Extraction (HWE) carpet cleaning whilst using approximately 1/10th the amount of water needed for HWE and leaves the carpet drier than dry cleaning methods, therefore drying quicker and leaving you with the benefit of having your house back in order much sooner and letting you get on with your day.

When we clean your carpets we also apply carpet protector and deodoriser at no extra cost resulting in your carpet staying cleaner for longer.

We have two products to help sustain the life of your carpet which are available for purchase when we are on-site.

Pet-x: Designed to neutralise odours and kill dangerous bacteria caused by pet soiling. And when applied directly to soiled areas, its active ingredients can deter repeat visits – quite valuable when toilet training your puppy or kitten.

ACCI No-rinse spotter: A cleaning agent for your carpet that also deodorises and protects. There is no need to rinse after applying. And no sticky residue as this product contains anti-soiling agents.

When cleaning carpets we quote by the square metre to give a much more accurate costing.

Magic Wand are Woolsafe approved carpet cleaning technicians and are here to help which is why we’ve provided this video to show you how to remove many common spills on carpet if we are unable to attend to your precious floor coverings. If the mark is still visible after your attempts to remove it, contact us and we will endeavour to improve your carpet to its previous state.



We use the same method of cleaning carpets as we do for upholstery.