Awarding Achievements


Awarding Achievements

Magic Wand Restoration & Cleaning recently sponsored several awards for adults and children at the annual Tasmanian Wing Chun Academy awards night. For those of you that aren’t aware the Tasmanian Wing Chun Academy is a full time martial arts academy catering to many disciplines providing a safe, positive and family friendly environment with several students competing at nationally, even international. They also have classes catering to children ages 5-7, 8-12 and 11-15 years of age.

It is a great place to train as people from other martial arts schools, gyms and sporting clubs have attested to and want to replicate the environment and what is being achieved at the Tasmanian Wing Chun Academy. The Tasmanian Wing Chun Academy is not just for people wanting to participate in martial arts it’s for all walks of life wishing to improve their fitness and mobility with many classes to suit those individuals. Or for people who are seeking alternatives to complement their existing training.

The Tasmanian Wing Chun Academy even assisted Magic Wand Restoration & Cleaning’s Rhian O’Reilly in recovering from a significant nerve injury that had rendered him unable to walk properly to now being able to sprint and participate in all of their classes.

The Tasmania Wing Chun Academy themselves have raised thousands of dollars for the Ronald McDonald House and to aid cancer sufferers.

Magic Wand Restoration & Cleaning support any group that helps aid the community and provides an outlet for youths and making a positive impact on their lives and are proud to be associated with the Tasmanian Wing Chun Academy.

  • 22 Jan, 2015
  • admin

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